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Hedge Fund IT Services

Charles Square is a global
Hedge Fund IT services provider.

At CSq we have over 20+ years’ experience working internally at global hedge funds and fully understand the intricate demands of the hedge fund industry and the critical role that technology plays in achieving success.


Our tailored technology services are designed to optimise your operations, enhance decision-making, and drive superior performance. Backed by our expertise in financial technology and a deep understanding of the hedge fund landscape, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to your unique needs.


Our portfolio of hedge fund technology solutions is designed to provide world-class support and streamline the success of Hedge Fund firms. It’s no surprise that our expertise has been recognised by the industry. In fact, we were awarded the prestigious Hedgeweek Award for ‘Best Cybersecurity Provider’ in 2022. Additionally, we are ranked in the Top 40 EMEA and Top MSP globally in Channel Futures 2023 MSP 501, confirming our status as one of the elite managed service providers in the world.

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IT Services.

Our Services

White-Glove Support

Our CSq VIP support provides a white-glove experience that transcends the ordinary. From dedicated 24x7x365 support to proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, we’re always at your service, ensuring that your technological world remains faultless.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your sensitive information and maintain regulatory compliance with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We implement advanced security measures to safeguard your data from cyber threats. From advanced firewalls that provide protection whilst travelling, endpoint and mobile security, data encryption, to full security audits, we’ve got your digital assets covered.

Infrastructure Optimisation

We design and implement robust and scalable IT infrastructures that ensure seamless operations, high availability, and security. From hardware to cloud solutions, we create the backbone for your fund’s technology ecosystem.

Customised Security Training

We believe in empowering your team. Our tailored cybers security training sessions will equip your staff with the skills needed to safeguard your digital assets.

Data Management and Backup

Safeguard critical financial data with our automated backup and recovery systems. Your information will always be available when you need it, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

Our college of CTOs provide industry knowledge and insight backed by decades of global experience working with Hedge Funds, Asset Management Firms, Private Equity Firms and start-ups.

Our CTOs will enable your team to remain on top of the complexities of ever-changing governance, cloud computing and technology standards.

Cloud Integration

Streamline your operations and enhance collaboration through seamless cloud integration. Access your data and applications securely from anywhere, ensuring your team remains connected no matter where they are.


Why choose
Charles Square?


Personalised Approach

We recognise that every Hedge Fund is unique. Our solutions are customised to fit your specific requirements, ensuring you receive maximum value.


We pride ourselves on our reliability and responsiveness. Trust us to keep your technology running smoothly, so you can focus on your core responsibilities.


Your data’s security is paramount. Rest assured, we adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection.

At CSq we are committed to delivering technology services that empower hedge funds to thrive in a competitive landscape. Our tailor-made solutions enable you to harness the full potential of technology, enhancing operational efficiency, risk management, and overall performance. Partner with us to elevate your hedge fund’s technology to new heights.

Our Core


Our success is underpinned by our transparency, authenticity and accountability.


We’ll spare you the technical jargon and deliver solutions that are easy to understand.


Our honest and professional approach drives our client satisfaction.

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Fully Accredited IT Services.

Elevate Your Business with Cutting-Edge IT Solutions and Expert Specialist Services.

IT Strategy & IT Roadmaps

IT Project Management

CTO Consultancy / Security Consultancy

IT Project Implementation and Execution

Budgetary Management and Control (OPEX & CAPEX)

Service Delivery Management and Support

IT Best Practice Methods and Frameworks

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


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Hedge Fund IT Services

Hedge funds require a level of IT infrastructure that is always operational and highly secure to ensure success and profit. That’s where exceptional IT support comes in. Charles Square is a London-based firm that focuses solely on hedge fund IT support and services. Our team provides customised solutions to meet the specific needs of each hedge fund client. With decades of experience in the hedge fund industry, Charles Square understands the sensitive nature of financial information and the importance of security and confidentiality. By providing a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure, Charles Square enables hedge funds to focus on their core business activities, while the IT team manages all their technological needs. Hedge funds can rely on Charles Square to deliver top-notch IT support and services while they focus on what they do best.

Dynamic security

Cyber Security for Hedge Funds

At Charles Square (CSq), we understand the importance of Hedge Fund IT security. As a trusted provider of business management services in London, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of cybersecurity for our clients. Our team strives to provide exceptional IT security solutions that follow ISO 27001:2013 standards. We also ensure that our services comply with any relevant legal regulations to safeguard our clients’ data privacy and protection. We are committed to upholding superior security measures and continually advancing our effectiveness in this area.

Award Winning

Cloud Computing for Hedge Funds

In today’s landscape, it’s imperative for hedge funds to have a robust infrastructure in place that can deliver the necessary performance, flexibility and security to remain competitive. Increasingly, hedge funds are adopting cloud services as a way to enhance their operational efficiency and profitability. One such offering, Charles Square, provides hedge fund clients with a tailor-made cloud platform that ensures hassle-free deployment and management of key applications. With this innovative solution, hedge funds can enjoy increased scalability, improved performance, and enhanced security at a cost-effective price point. In short, the cloud is transforming the way hedge funds operate by providing valuable tools for operational and risk management.


What our
clients say
about us.


“As a highly regulated technology-driven business, IT is vital to us. CSq understand this and provide first class expertise in all areas, from procurement to infrastructure management and end-user support. CSq’s unique offering is their wealth of experience supporting financial services firms, both externally and from within.

They have seen both sides, and their industry knowledge enables them to offer exceptional, proactive support and advice.”


Capital Management (Bank)

“CSq provide first class expertise in all areas”


“I was hugely appreciative to CSq's team for how quickly and smoothly they on-boarded us and got us up and running. A totally professional experience, perfect for our needs.

It removed a lot of everyday stress and freed me to focus on what we are good at; the creative process.”



It removed a lot of everyday stress”


“We switched to CSq last year, and have found their service has exceeded our expectations in almost every respect. The transition was smooth, and all went to plan and budget. They really understood our business needs and they worked with us to provide a cost effective and flexible solution. Most importantly, when we need support, we’re not put through to some remote support desk, but instead a local experienced technician that not only understands the problem, but also our history and can escalate as needed.

It’s like having our own infrastructure team in-house, but without the expense.


Asset Management (Mayfair)

“CSq’s service has exceeded our expectations in almost every respect”

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