How you doing?

I am sure your response today will be very different from a few months, weeks or even days ago. It seems that every day that passes, blends into one. Is it a workday, is it the weekend, what month are we in?

For me this is very much the case, however, every day also brings a new challenge a new adventure, whether that is doing multiple shops and deliveries for members of my family and neighbours who are isolated or needing extra reassurance at the moment from afar (always keeping to the rules of social distancing and only travelling when needed).

On top of that I also continue to run my business, Charles Square with my amazing business partners and directors.

These uncertain times have really shown me how important it is to have a strong leadership team in place and incredible staff. A team that work well together are focussed, calm and collected.

Being able to talk multiple times through the day discussing our daily plans and ensuring our vision and business keep moving forward. As well as forwarding memes or telling the odd joke.

What has made our days more exciting and interesting (and I am sure yours) has been going from our main offices to nearly 40 remote offices, and still being able to provide business as usual to our clients as well as bringing new ones on board.

As a business owner, your focus changes, trying to ensure your teams stay engaged, that they don’t feel isolated and are able to stay motivated is a fun and worthwhile.

With foresight from Gareth (co-founder and business partner) we have been fortunate to have built our business from day 1 to always be agile, non-reliant on office space or location and to be able to communicate internally and externally.

Gareth Broekmann
Gareth Broekmann