Microsoft CSP Licence Renewals

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are committed to keeping our customers informed of any upcoming adjustments that may affect their subscription plans. To ensure a smooth transition, Microsoft have announced the introduction of local currency pricing starting April 1st 2023 – an initiative which has been put on hold due to global uncertainty in recent years. As an industry leader, they understand the importance of staying connected and want businesses around the world can stay competitive no matter what challenges come along!

What Changes is Microsoft Making?

As part of its commitment to global pricing alignment and agility, Microsoft will be introducing a more clearly-defined adjustment cadence. This approach is designed to give customers better insight into local currency prices compared with USD and align them predictably with the MCA Azure platform New Commerce rates. Although AWS focuses on US dollars as their primary policy, Microsoft promises 16 currencies in all available channels which provides flexibility for users’ regional purchasing preferences while still securing consistent market comparisons across regions until April 2023 – when this new system comes fully online.

What Impact Does This Have on You?

If You Have a One-Year Subscription that is Still Active: Price changes will not affect you until your auto renewal date. Through price protection, you can still add licences to the existing subscription at the same cost. If You Have a 30-Day Rolling Contract: Price changes will come into effect at point of renewal (if applicable).

Will prices fluctuate often?

Pricing Updates Will Be Based on Local Currency Fluctuations To ensure global consistency, pricing updates will be based on local currency (GBP) fluctuations and other factors. There will be a set semi-annual cadence to give you time to plan accordingly, rather than having changes occur randomly throughout the year.

Only Pricing Out of Alignment Will Be Updated
Only pricing that is out of alignment will be updated, and Cloud prices may be adjusted upwards or downwards based on prevailing market FX rates.

Looking ahead, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as soon as more details become available.

We will reach out to all customers holding CSP licences with additional information. If you would like to talk about this further, please reach out to our team using the usual methods or through the contacts page.

Barry Cohen
Barry Cohen